A Day in the Life of a Knight Heating & Air Conditioning Technician

Rise and Shine: The Early Morning Routine

My day as a Knight Heating & Air Conditioning technician starts bright and early at 6:00 AM. After a quick breakfast and coffee, I check my schedule for the day’s appointments. Today, I’m headed to Nixa, MO for an air conditioner repair, followed by an HVAC installation in Ozark.

First Stop: Air Conditioner Repair in Nixa

By 8:00 AM, I arrive at the first customer’s home in Nixa. The homeowner explains that their AC unit isn’t cooling properly. After a thorough inspection, I discover a refrigerant leak. I explain the issue to the customer and proceed with the necessary repairs, ensuring their system is back up and running efficiently.

Midday: HVAC Installation in Ozark

Around noon, I head to Ozark for the HVAC installation. This job requires careful planning and execution. I work diligently to install the new system, ensuring all components are properly connected and functioning optimally. Throughout the process, I answer the homeowner’s questions about their new HVAC system and provide tips for maintenance.

Afternoon: Emergency Call in Springfield

Just as I’m wrapping up in Ozark, I receive an emergency call from Springfield. A family’s central A/C has completely stopped working during a heatwave. I quickly head over to assess the situation and perform the necessary repairs, grateful for the opportunity to help a family in need.

Evening: Wrapping Up and Preparing for Tomorrow

As the day winds down, I make my way back to the Knight Heating & Air Conditioning office. I update our system with the day’s completed jobs and prepare for tomorrow’s schedule, which includes:

  • HVAC service in Battlefield, MO
  • Air conditioning repair in Republic, MO
  • Routine maintenance check in Sparta, MO

Before heading home, I ensure my truck is fully stocked with the necessary tools and parts for tomorrow’s jobs.

Working as a technician for Knight Heating & Air Conditioning is both challenging and rewarding. Every day brings new opportunities to help our customers stay comfortable in their homes and businesses throughout the year.