Beware of the Heat! Let Childs Heating & Air Untangle Your Cooling Saga

Are you sweating bullets in your own home? Transform your personal frying pan to a breezy paradise with Childs Heating & Air. If y’all need a sleek new Air Conditioning Installation, we’re just a holler away!

Now, don’t you all get hot and bothered about Central Air Replacement. You’ll be cool as a cucumber before you know it. We’ll even sing you the comforting lullaby of Cooling System Services to soothe your frayed nerves.

Dread the dog days of the Tennessee summer? Found your air conditioner in a ghost town? Shout out loud for a heroic rescue! Our top-notch Air Conditioning Repair brigade revives your cool comfort faster than you can say ‘Madison, TN’.

Our Furnace Maintenance service is mighty popular across Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, TN. We keep your furnace running smoother than butter sliding off a hot biscuit.

From Goodlettsville to Donelson, TN, we’re there faster than a grease fire. So, when things get too hot to handle, remember us in Old Hickory, TN. Stay frosty, y’all!