Keeping Cool A Day in the Life

Morning Briefing

The day started with our usual morning huddle at the C. Albert Matthews office. As the lead HVAC technician, I reviewed the schedule for the day, ensuring our team was prepared for the various jobs lined up. From professional air conditioning installations to AC repairs, we had a full plate.

On the Road

  • Our first stop was a residential HVAC installation. The homeowners had recently renovated their home and needed a new system to keep their living spaces comfortable.
  • Next up, we tackled an AC repair job at a local office building. The compressor had failed, and we worked diligently to get their cooling system back online before the afternoon heat set in.
  • In the late afternoon, we headed to a commercial site for a professional air conditioning installation. This job required careful planning and coordination with the building’s contractors to ensure a seamless integration.

Back at the Office

As the day wound down, I completed the necessary paperwork and logged the day’s activities in our company database. Attention to detail is crucial in our line of work, ensuring we provide top-notch service to our valued customers.