Keeping Homes Cozy A Day at a Time

8:00 AM – Morning Briefing

The day begins with a quick team huddle, where we review the schedule and prioritize any emergency calls. Our dispatcher briefs us on the locations and the nature of the service requests, ensuring we have all the necessary tools and equipment to tackle the day’s challenges.

9:30 AM – Furnace Repair in Edwardsburg

The first stop is in Edwardsburg, where a homeowner reported an issue with their furnace. Upon inspection, we identify a faulty ignition system as the culprit. With our expertise and well-stocked truck, we swiftly replace the defective component, ensuring the furnace is back in top working condition.

11:45 AM – Heating Service in Niles

Next, we head to Niles for a routine heating system maintenance appointment. Our technician thoroughly inspects and cleans the unit, replacing any worn-out parts and ensuring optimal efficiency for the upcoming winter months. Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding costly breakdowns and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

2:00 PM – Lunch Break

After a busy morning, we take a well-deserved lunch break, recharging our batteries for the afternoon appointments.

3:15 PM – Heater Installation in Dowagiac

Our next stop is in Dowagiac, where a homeowner has requested a new heater installation. We carefully assess the space and the homeowner’s needs, recommending the most suitable and energy-efficient system. With our skilled team, the installation process is seamless, and the new heater is up and running, providing warmth and comfort to the household.

5:30 PM – Furnace Service in South Bend

Wrapping up the day, we visit a client in South Bend for a routine furnace service. Our technician meticulously cleans and inspects the unit, ensuring it’s ready to handle the winter chill. We also provide the homeowner with valuable tips on maintaining their system and maximizing energy efficiency.

7:00 PM – Back at the Office

As the sun sets, we return to the office, updating our records and preparing for the next day’s challenges. At Michiana, we take pride in our work, knowing that every day, we make a difference in keeping homes comfortable and families warm throughout the region.