The Ultimate Guide for Fun Activities Near Pittsburgh While Your Furnace is Being Serviced

When your Furnace kicks up a fuss during the chilly winters of Pittsburgh, West Mifflin, Bethel Park, Carnegie, or South Park, Staab & Sons, Inc., a reliable ally for all your Heating Services, is just a phone call away. But while we handle your Furnace Repair, Furnace Replacement, or Heater Installation, why not utilize this time to explore some fun stuff near your location? Here’s a guide to help you plan your day!

Pittsburgh: For Nature and Art Lovers

If you live in Pittsburgh, PA, consider visiting the cultural district. It houses seven theaters and several galleries, you’ll have a lot of options. Or if nature’s your thing, you’ll love exploring the Phipps Conservatory in all its grandeur.

West Mifflin: A Treat for Adventure Enthusiasts

When it comes to West Mifflin, PA, it’s all about fun and thrill. The area is home to Kennywood Park, a century-old amusement park. With adrenaline-pumping rides and traditional snacks, time will zip by before your Furnace Service is completed.

Bethel Park and South Park: For History and Wellness Buffs

For those residing in Bethel Park, PA, and South Park, PA, why not soak in some history at the Bethel Park Historical Society or enjoy some leisure time at the South Park Country Club.

Carnegie: A Day Out for Foodies and Shopaholics

Lastly, if you’re from Carnegie, PA, you cannot miss the enchanting Carnegie Culture and Art Walk. With an array of delicious food and unique craft shops, your Heating Repair day can turn into an exciting exploration.

There you have it — a list of fun activities you can engage in around Pittsburgh while we handle your heating services at Staab & Sons, Inc. Remember, even a hassle-free Furnace Repair day can be full of adventure and fun if you plan it correctly!